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Killer Instinct Payment Option Details; Original Killer Instinct Emulator For $40

Exclusively on the Xbox One

Exclusively on the Xbox One (GamingAfterHours)

New details have emerged for the long awaited Killer Instinct. The game will initially launch with six playable characters, a practice mode/training, online multiplayer but the story mode won’t be available yet. There is a pay option that “offers additional content, including, emulated Killer Instinct.”

The Creative Director, Ken Lobb thinks that the “full roster of eight characters, including the story mode, will be around February or March. He explains that if you decide to pay “$20. That gets you all eight characters and their colors. We have some unlocks, some more special than others.” Though you won’t get all eight at launch and only when those characters become available.

Lobb continuous, “Then you have a $40 SKU, which is all eight characters, all that stuff, plus full different skins. Like, they look completely different…like, you get the original looking Jago [homage].” In addition, Lobb explains, the $40 bundle gets you the “original Killer Instinct emulated. No online. We’re trying.”

Killer Instinct will also have a “season two,” explained Lobb, “the idea is, we’ll have season two. Go out a year-ish, and just repeat the whole thing. It’s one game. So you can cherry pick from season two and play with season one, so it’s one ecosystem. It’s not sharded.”

You do have the option to by each character individually which will cost you “$5 or the European equivalent.” If you decide you want to buy the rest afterwards,  you’ll get a special discount, so you’ll never spending more than $20 for the full roster.

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