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Nintendo: Miiverse Arriving Soon On 3DS And Smartphones

Nintendo of Europe’s Business Development Manger, Ed, Valiente, that the Miiverse will be arriving in the near future for the Nintendo 3DS. Valiente also mentioned that the plans for allowing people to access the Miiverse through a mobile application is coming as well. This is wonder since you won’t have to rely on your mobile web browser to do it. This should make accessing content much faster since everything will be preloaded. According to sources, the Miiverse for the Nintendo 3DS will be arriving 2013. As previous reported, there has been talk about a new Wii U and Nintendo 3DS system update and this just reaffirms this.

As you know, these ideas have been around for quite sometime and was obviously was long in the planning stages since feature as teased during the Nintendo’s E3 2012 press conference. For example, being able to access the Miiverse though your smartphone. Being able to communicate through other means then just Nintendo platforms is quite a ordeal but is necessary if Nintendo wishes impress. All these take time and careful planning and shouldn’t be looked down upon. We would rather wait and have something be done right then have it done poorly and forgotten later on just become of poor implementation.

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Accessing the Miiverse though your smartphone

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source: nintendolife

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