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Nintendo and Panasonic join forces to bring interesting features

Nintendo and Panasonic have joined forces to create an easier-to-use game machine. According to Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Nintendo has recently invested 27% of the PUX total shares. Panasonic originally held 78% which was roughly 35 million yen. This investment in software allowed characters to be recognized on a touch screen “through a Panasonic subsidiary called “PUX Corporation” which will help development of digital consumer interests with it’s features such as  facial recognition for digital cameras and voice recognition. PUX has pursued new technology allows the interface to enhance the operation of systems, such as new consoles and Nintendo will be sending outside support through its own development department.

Obviously this technology will be incorporated into a way that will allow Nintendo to take full advantage of this technology and be part of it’s future development plans.

Gaming After Hours perspective

Even though the article says that they are focused “to create an easier-to-use” game machine, this doesn’t mean that a new console is being planned. It’s more likely that this technology will be implemented with current Nintendo hardware and future software.


source: nikkei 

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