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Welcome to Gaming After Hours: A freelancing website where future journalist express themselves and get noticed.

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We are glad to be of service to the interests that matter most to you. We hope that you’ll stick around and be apart of a growing community. Please rest assured that we are working hard to bring you the best news possible with as much details as possible. There aren’t many of us so please have patience we’re dedicated to providing the things that matter most to you.

Some of you have asked us why we sometimes post things later than everyone else? Like the GTA 5 micro transaction story or why some of our articles are a few days after everyone else’s? It’s not because we are late par say…, its has more to do with wanting to offer the best information we can which may seem short-sighted, but for us, we really want to provide you with enough detail to at least allow you to have a broader view about the given topic. Naturally we try to gather as much information as possible if there is more is more than one source.

We don’t just want to get the information out [before everyone else] simply for the sake of getting it out there. We’re more interested in educate the people about the topics that they’re interested in. After all, it is better to be well-informed and looking smart then to come across as dimwitted and incompetent.

Keep it posted here and leave a comments, start a conversation with people. Being able to receive your comments means a lot to us. Please keep in mind that this website will probably go through some growing pains. But at least we have a nice logo, right?

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