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Capcom: Ultra Street Fighter IV Producer Details ‘Red Focus Attack’ and ‘Ultra Combo Double’

Capcom Producer, Tomoaki Ayano, has shared details about the new refinements in Ultra Street Fighter IV. These refinements consist of new offensive moves called the “Red Focus Attack and “Ultra Combo Double” that gives players a more defensive options.

Basically the Red Focus Attack is a modified version of the game’s existing Focus Attack system that was introduced in the original Street Fighter IV. The original Focus Attack absorbed the damage from a single attack, but the Red Focus Attacks can absorb a multitude of different attacks, at the expense of the ‘Super Meter‘.

An example of the Red Focus Attack when Ryu blocks Ken’s three part combo attack, Ryu is now free to counter with a devastating Red Focus Attack.

The Red Focus Attack can absorb multiple attacks.

This refinement is fantastic if you find yourself overpowered by an overzealous combo player and you want to back off and give you some space and like all great fighting systems, all attacks need to have some form of counter measure.  If one wished to counter an opponent that’s using  the Red Focus Attack, you could simply get close enough to throw them. The other option is to cancel out their Red Focus Attack with an Armor Attack.

Counter attacks by grabbing your opponent.

Break Red Focus Attack with an Armor Attack.

The new ‘Ultra Combo Double‘ allows you to perform two Ultras but at the cost of dealing less damage to your opponent.

Perform two Ultra Attacks

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released in early 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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source: capcom japan

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