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About the Writer of Gaming After Hours – He’s Korean

The choices we make  and our reactions are often depicted from our experiences. Our lives are a direct reflection of what we’ve learned and how we decided to corporate these experiences into our lives shows how much we’ve grown as a person and what we still must work on to better ourselves.

I’m not much of a reader so you’ll hardly ever find me…  It wasn’t until recently where I found myself wanting to do something with it and make more than just a casual interest. Hopefully it’ll work out and a bright future will be laid before me. But for now, all I can do is hope for the best and have faith.

As far as writing in general, I find it to be a bore though my interest in it has begun to spike. I hardly even do drafts since I regularly read over my writing and check things before I get too far ahead of myself. I’m getting a better idea of what to expect when it comes to writing and hope to make it some sort of profession.

I’ve always believed that writing has to have a consistent flow, with no pops or distractions. If you break the flow, you’ll often find the reader confused and in question. Since I often confuse myself with the things I write myself, I can relate.

I try to keep in mind when I write that it’s better to leave the reader wanting more rather than leaving them under nourished and still wanting. Writing is an art that is fueled by ones imagination but like a shadow covering your vision, unable to see what’s right in front of you, one must know when to take an act of faith.

When I started writing in my older blog, I often got traffic but with little feedback. I felt that arrangement quite lacking and slowly lost interest in it. A year passed, and I decided to return , word caught my ear and I started to investigate WordPress. I decided to switch!

I transferred most of my old posts from Blogger to WordPress and rework a multitude of my original posts. Needless to say, it was a tedious undertaking but was well worth it.

I know many of you are under the impression that there is a number of writers who have contributed to the success of ‘Gaming After Hours’. Sadly, with all my efforts, have not been able to do so. At most, there have been two writers, each writing one article. Everything from the writing to the website itself has been do to my efforts. Hopefully, as time goes on, this will change.

My name is Byungsuk Kim. I was born in South Korean, Daegu, who lives in North America and I’m skinny. I also like rice so if you want to send me some, go right ahead. I’m also the founder of Gaming After Hours and this is its 300th article.


I know this is sloppy writing but.. I’m writing this very quickly and I’m sure there are many errors but I feel lazy. This writing will be revised many times so keep that in mind. Also, please don’t ask me about coding, I’m still learning.


300 articles and counting!

2 comments on “About the Writer of Gaming After Hours – He’s Korean

  1. chwilowki

    Hello.This post was extremely motivating, especially since I was investigating for thoughts on this topic last Monday.

  2. Opinionated Man

    Hurrah for Koreans! -_- -OM

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