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An amazing, graphical showcase of IronFall Tech Preview for the Nintendo 3DS


Every once and a while, developers will invest great time and effort into a project they believe in. Regardless of what conclusions people have on a given piece of gaming hardware. Give it enough time and resources, extraordinary things can be accomplished with dedication and willingness to bring ones vision into reality.

This is even more impressive when you have to take into consideration anything on the Nintendo 3DS, the system has to create the image twice in order create depth. The technical video of “IronFall” shows what the developer, VDdev’s,  Big Bang Engine, is capable of. There are many impressive techniques being showcased such as running at 60 frames with up to 7,000 polygons per second. Please be aware that all those polygons have to be split equally so it’s a safe bet that at least 3,500 polygons will be sent to each eye.

The engines ability to run Duel screen isn’t something that’s new, but rendering 3D worlds on both screen is. Basically this means that not only will the Nintendo 3DS has to create the image on the top screen twice but apparently on the bottom screen as well. Making the system render the graphics 3 times. I can’t actually imagine why that would be needed, but it does show how versatile the ‘Big Bang Engine‘ is.

It also has the ability to do ambient occlusion, basically this technique attempts to create the look of how light radiates on different surfaces in real life. Multi-texture is a common method in most 3D games, which adds detail on multiple textures and assigns them randomly on 3D models. Not only that, the engine also features, realistic physics, particle effects for good measure. IronFall will be arriving on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in the spring.

Gaming After Hours Perspective

Graphically speaking, this engine is quite powerful and does things I never considered possible. I believe is a really is graphical showcases  of the Nintendo 3DS is “Resident Evil Revelations.” This game speaks volumes as to what the handheld can do but unlike Revelations, didn’t do everything the ‘Big Bang Engine’ does at the same time. The big question is can the developer create an appealing world for players to explore and conquer? Only than will we as gamers, will be able to call a game a success. After all, it is better to explore a world that’s full of life than a world that’s desolate without reason. 


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