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Gaming After Hours PS4 Unboxing!!

Behold, the next generation of gaming.

Welcome to the world of the PlayStation 4 where new possibilities flourish and developers imagination are limitedless.

The PlayStation  consoles were always something special to behold. From its first showing during its first showing in Japan in 1994. It’s smooth, appealing, compact design and its mature look

The PlayStation 4 has an appealing, compact design and its mature look  is very admirable with its slick, high-gloss black appearance reflects how they wish to present themselves. It’s design is unique in the way that, in comparison to the competition, one would find it difficult to confuse the Xbox One and Wii U consoles because of its distinctiveness.

While many may not notice it, this generation has been a lengthy one with many great games. The time has come for console gamers to make the switch to the new iteration of consoles and invest countless hours in the new adventures developers have crafted for us. I’ll admit, here at Gaming After Hours we were a little late to the party with our next gen unboxing due to shipping discrepancies.  Anyways, with that being said, lets kick it off with our very own PS4 reveal.

Written and recorded by Zayier Bent

Edited by Byungsuk Kim

For everything PlayStation


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