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Level-5 president talks about the company’s future and Fantasy Life video

Akihiro Hino, the president of studio Level 5, spoke to Famitsu about the company’s future plans. Hino explained their desire to diversify the titles and make games for the younger demographic. However, Hino says that it’s the games such as Inazuma Eleven and Youkai Watch, for younger people, have seen fantastic results in Japan.

“If I had to split it in two, then it’d be cross-media expansions for children for Nintendo 3DS, such as Youkai Watch and Inazuma Eleven, and then games for a wider audience such as Fantasy Life and Wonder Flick. Each target audience requires a different strategy in terms of hardware approach, so I’d like to think about more plans for that.”

“It’s actually still selling quite well. In the case of Inazuma Eleven, the first game’s opening week saw about 40,000 copies sold, and it ended up selling about 400,000 in the end, and I see Youkai Watch going with a similar flow, so I believe we were able to create another successful title. I believe that we’ll be able to surpass that next time, so I’d like to continue focusing on titles made for children.”

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source: siliconera

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