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Will Nintendo lose their rights to Eternal Darkness or will it be lost for forever?

Edgar Allan Poe

Many have been wanting a sequel to the survival-horror game, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem since it’s release in 2002. Rumors and speculation ran rampant from the imagination of gamers as to what could take the franchise to new heights. Many were hoping that Precursor’s attempt with Shadow of the Eternals would bring the franchise to the forefront. Sadly that was without warrant and caused players to return to the depths of darkness once again.

With no mention of any work in the pipeline with the few expectations  of Nintendo continuously renewing the Eternal Darkness trademark for the last 12 years.  Where it stands now, Nintendo could very well lose it’s rights to IP if they don’t take advantage of it and create something related to the  Eternal Darkness IP within the next three years .The information was uncovered via a USPTO TSDR.

What will Nintendo do? Will the Eternal Darkness ever see the light of development or will it be forever lost in the eternal darkness?

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source: uspto tsdr 

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