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Nintendo interested in expanding their IPs beyond the realm of videogames

Nintendo recently had a shareholder meeting and with it came a plethora of information and with it come Nintendo expressing interests in expanding its licensing of its beloved character intellectual properties outside of the realm of video games.

Nintendo is well known for having a diverse of character IP but rarely licencing them to other parties fearing that it could damage the value of their characters. But where it stands now, this could very well change as the president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, is actively looking for respected partners in order to expand its character licensing beyond the video gaming world.

This concept would in turn, increase the exposure of Nintendo characters to consumers and “making them appear in places other then on video game platforms.”

Gaming After Hours perspective: 

Regardless of how you may feel about Nintendo and the decisions it makes. This is a good idea and shows that Nintendo is actually trying to bring interests back to Nintendo. It’s not like Nintendo hasn’t ventured outside the realm of video games with it’s IPs but by putting out more effort and making their brands more readily available to the general market, allows them to bring more interests in their company as whole. 

Unlike the other companies like Sony and Microsoft, these brands are only owned by Nintendo giving them full and easy control on how to represent their many, many franchise. Both Sony and Microsoft do own their own IPs or have a strong partnership with 3rd parties that own their associated brands but it’s far more complicated and legally restricted than what Nintendo has to go through.  

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