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Sega dividing Index into two companies – Benefit Segas growth

SEGA is in the process of splitting Index Corporation, which is a subsidiary of SEGA, into two companies – Atlus and Index respectfully. Last September, Sega Sammy acquired Atlus parent company Index Corporation in a move to secure the company’s financial outlook. The purpose of this divide is to help “maximize the creation of synergies within Sega Sammy.” Which Sega hopes will help within the Sega Group and in turn “further [SEGAS] growth and expedite new business development.” The division will be completed by April 1.

Atlus will maintain its game development while Index Corporation will mainly focus on advertisements, marketing and content distribution. It will also change it’s name to Atlus U.S.A., Inc.

To sum things up, we have two companies:

  • Atlus (the splitting company whose name was changed from Index Corporation) – They’re in the business of game planning and development, and related industries. The company employs 121.
  • Index Coporation (the newly organized division) – They’re in the content and solutions business (content distribution, systems development, internet advertisements, etc.), and related industries. The company employs 166.

Yukio Sugino, — SEGA managing director and Index company director — will act as Atlus’ new representative. Yasukhiko Hamada, who is currently the Index representative director and executive vice president, will act as the new Index representative.

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source: gematsu

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