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Banjo Kazooie Spiritual Successor is No More

What will become of the Banjo franchise now?

Everyone who grew up during the Nintendo 64 era will fondly remember the Banjo series. A Rare franchise that’s fondly remembered even after all these years that rivaled even Mario in design and creativity. According to series composer, Grant Kirkhope, has shared that some of the former Rare employees did get together back in September 2012 in hopes to create a spiritual successor to the beloved Banjo Kazooie but the project “fell to bits” as the developers got other jobs.

Kirkhope explained:

“The other guys actually had a secret meeting in a pub near Rare and we even got as far as having a character drawn up and a demo level type thing but it all fell to bits. Everyone’s got other jobs etc.”

What will happen to Banjo now? 


source: mynintendonews

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