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Congratulations Game Freak on your 25th Year in the Gaming Industry

Happy anniversary Game Freak

On April 26th, Game Freak celebrated it’s 25th year in the gaming industry and is mostly known for developing Pokémon games. For company that to last as long as Game Freak has is quite an impressive accomplishment and for it to stay focused on just games without having to drastically reinvent itself is amazing. It’s not often that a company can maintain its original identity without reinventing itself.

Pokémon director, Junichi Masuda, went to twitter and expressed is thanks for the support:

“On April 26th, GAME FREAK inc. has celebrated its 25th anniversary! Thank you for always supporting us!

— 増田順一@GAME FREAK inc. (@Junichi_Masuda) April 26, 2014

Congratulation Game Freak and a job well done. 


source: twitter

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