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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Won’t Allow Westerners To Play With The Japanese

Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo 3DS Box Art

Capcom Community Specialist Yuri has confirmed on Capcom Unity has Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will have online multiplayer for the Nintendo 3DS handheld but the game will be restricted regions. Those in the west who were hoping to play with those of the east, presumingly Japan, will find this restriction annoying. The Japanese and westerns releases of the games will have their own different servers.

If fans of the west wish to play with European players, you’ll have to wait for a patch to be release before doing so. Since Monster Hunter is dependent on communication and cooperative play, this makes sense to restrict players to regions.

Yuri has also confirmed that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will allow you to play with anyone and won’t be restricted to your Friends List.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be be released in Japan this Fall. North America and Europe will get the game in early 2015.



source: capcom-unity

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