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The Elusive Destiny Ghost Edition for Best Buy and Amazon SOLD OUT


If you were one of very few who managed to get your hands on the Destiny Ghost Edition, should consider acquiring such an collectable a huge victory. Within less then 20 hours after Best Buy listed the elusive edition, the strongly sought out Destiny Ghost Edition sold out. As of right now, Amazon has sold out as well. For now only  2 of the 4 major outlets, Amazon, Best Buy sold out but presumably have a small number of restocks soon.

Fear not, Walmart still has the Destiny Ghost Edition for the Xbox One so it be wise to act quickly if that’s is your system of choice. It’s also worth noting that there is a good chance that these will be restocked for a short period of time as vendors communicate back and forth as quota’s hit their limit. As long as there’s a demand, you have a chance.

It’s amazing how fast these collectibles sell out


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