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Help BioWare Create the Best Possible Mass Effect Experience

Mass Effect 3 on the 360 won't transfer via cloud (unless)

It’s likely that the game’s core structure is already nailed down – an autumn release next year is looking increasingly likely – so your responses may be designed to shape the game’s upcoming marketing.

The BioWare team seeks assistance with their “next Mass Effect” game but in order to craft the best possible RPG experience, producer Michael Gamble asks their loyal fanbase via Twitter  aspects about the Mass Effect series that they are looking forward to in the new game – it’s story, exploration, combat and customization.

Some other questions consist of the RPG aspects users find most appealing – leveling, optimizing kit and skills, customizing your appearance, comparing yourself against friends, exploring different worlds, exploring alternative story outcomes or engaging in combat.

By filling out and completing this survey will help give BioWare the feedback on what to place their focus so that can create the best possible experience that millions have come to appreciate from the imagination behind BioWare.

To help the Mass Effect team, fill out the survey


Mass Effect Twitter


Complete the BioWare survey




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