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Ice Climbers Chant Glitch Discovered in Smash Bros

Ice Clmbers

No game is without glitches and Super Smash Bros for 3DS is no exception. It goes without saying that many were disappointed to find out the Ice Climbers were no were to be in seen in  the 3DS or Wii U version. But do to a glitch, you can hear the echos of their greatness within the Nintendo 3DS version.

In order to hear Nana and Popo’s crowd chant, you have to play as the Villager in Yoshi’s Island and then KO multiple opponents all while being at a high percentage. Its unknown why this happens but at least we know how to trigger it. Perhaps this oversight will be addressed before the game gets its worldwide release in October among other glitches.

Don’t forget that Smash Bros can be played on all current Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS system, as well as the unreleased New Nintendo 3DS.

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One comment on “Ice Climbers Chant Glitch Discovered in Smash Bros

  1. bluehobbes

    I’ll miss you Nana and Popo!

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