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Possible way the New Nintendo 3DS 3D viewing angle was improved

New Nintendo 3DS

With Nintendo announcing a new iteration of the beloved Nintendo 3DS, many questions have risen with little answers. One in particular revolves around how the Nintendo improved the 3D viewing angle.

Little information is known at this time but its possible that with the internal camera and gyros that Nintendo could be using it to track your eyes and head movement and adjust the stereoscopic 3D viewing angle accordingly, hopefully within a the shortest amount of time without causing a jarring experience. Knowing this its possible to speculate that it will be dependent on the environment such as lighting, colored background, sporadic movements and other faces. If the gyros are used, this could further improve the stereoscopic 3D viewing angle even if the camera momentarily loosing track of our face. It’s unknown if the screen itself has been improved to compensate the improved 3D viewing angle.

Lighting will play a critical role in this updated 3D feature because if it can’t see you, it can’t track you. So playing in the dark may not be the best option. It’s unknown if the system display will remain locked the point of when it lost track of your eyes and face and wait till it can find you again before continuing or will it revert back to the standard narrow 3D viewing angel that the current 3DS models share once it loses you.

It should go without saying that enabling any additional features will put more strain on the battery, thusly cutting any additional time you would have had if the camera and gyro wasn’t enabled. Though the camera will be the most taxing than the gyros. If this is how Nintendo’s new handheld iteration is, it gives greater weight to the rumors floating around such as additional RAM and faster CPU. How much RAM and CPU power is needed to run this improved feature is unknown but new model could very well include a new better battery. It is possible that the New Nintendo 3DS will provide an option for players to enable and disable the camera and gyro tracking feature.

Movement will also play a role as it can be could confuse the camera and even mistake random passing people and objects, throwing off the system to adjust to what it believes is your face. It’s doubtful that the stereoscopic 3D can be viewed by multiple faces at the same time. If your face blends into the background, this will make it impossible for it to distinguish you. Hopefully a better quality camera will replace the one that’s currently on the older 3DS models.

For now, this is all speculation and its very possible we’ll know in the very near future.

How do you think Nintendo improved its stereoscopic handheld experience?


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