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Wii U EULA Forces Users to Agree with New Terms



In late September, Nintendo changed the their Wii U End-User License Agreement (EULA) that provided numerous enhancements to the Wii U. The EULA threw a curveball by forcing users to agree if they wish to continue using their system.

This isn’t the first time gaming hardware manufacturers have done this as both Sony and Microsoft have also forced their user agreements on their consumers with negative results from the community. Now Nintendo has taken the same approach, forcing consumers to agree if they choose to continue to use their purchased gaming console.

Both EULA for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS share similar terms.

“…are constantly evolving, and we may update or change your Nintendo 3DS System, in whole, in part, without your notice.”

“…are constantly evolving, and we may update or change your Wii U System, in whole, in part, without your notice.”

Unlike the Nintendo 3DS system update version  (9.0.0-20U) that which gives you an option to “I disagree” and “I agree”, the Wii U system update does not give the user to decline. Declining to this agreement also disables many of the functions such as not being able to use any of the features of downloads, demos, eShop though you can still play games and from what we could tell, access the online functionality of your games.

YouTube user AMurder0fCrows has not agreed and thus has rendered his system unusable until the user agrees to the new EULA terms.

Thanks for the help Terry.

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