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Purchase Digital Games from the comfort of your Web Browser

A promising start has finally become a reality as Nintendo gives players the choice to purchase their games on a web store where it can downloaded on the associated console.

Sony and Microsoft have given players this same option and finally, Nintendo can too. sadly  this service is only available for the North American market at the time of this posting. When this service becomes available in other parts of the world is unknown.

Nintendo - Zelda

This was spotted by NeoGAF members noting that digital purchases can be ordered from the through the web browser where, once purchused will automatically be downloaded onto the choosen system and Nintendo Network ID. Additionally there is the ability to opt for a download code, should you feel the need to send a gift to a much deserving friend or relative for both Wii U or 3DS. Nintendo Network ID is needed for purchase.

So far this seems to be an option exclusive to first-party games like Super Smash Bros., but will hopefully become available for third-party and Virtual Console games in the near future.


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