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Ultra Street Fighter 4 Announcement Trailer – Poison And Elena Join The Fight

Capcom has just revealed Ultra Street Fighter 4! This version of Street Fighter 4 has 5 new characters, new battle grounds, completely re-balanced gameplay based on fan feedback, brand new modes and features and new challengers. Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be on Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam

Allow us to introduce you to the new fighters you’ll be battling in this version
and their respective bios from the Capcom Database

  • Hugo     (Final Fight)
  • Poison     (Final Fight)
  • Elena     (Street Fighter III: New Generation)
  • Rolento     (Final Fight)
* Interesting side note about Poison is that she was originally a female but back then there was a concern that people in North America would be alarmed about fighting a woman so she was changed her into a transvestites.




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