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Analyst Says There Will Be a Shortage Of Xbox One And PS4

Despite reports that Sony would flood the market with plenty of PlayStation 4 consoles this holiday season,
Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian told GameSpot that both the PS4 and Xbox One may still be hard to find after they launch. Robert explains that “more likely than not that there will be initial shortages [and] this also partly explains why the manufacturers have been somewhat judicious in allocating pre-sale units to retailers, so that there won’t be a lot of unhappy customers from day one.”

Sebastian also believes both consoles will be on store shelves before Black Friday, which would ideally give the manufacturers a chance to replenish supply before Christmas is upon us. He added that console launches “are really the only equivalent of a ‘red carpet’ event for the industry.”

What do you think? Do you believe there will be a shortage of PS4 and Xbox One systems after laugh?

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