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Fan-Made Mega Man game, uses camera perspective – Download now

Capcom may not be showing much love for the blue bomber but that hasn’t stop fans from creating their own proof of concept and wonderfully imagining what Mega Man could be like in some creative fashion. This interpretation of the beloved Mega Man takes many of the things we love from the traditional 2D Mega Man games and placing the camera in a 3/4 bottom perspective that gives the illusion of dimensional depth with flat 2D objects. Not only that, it also lets Mega Man move into third dimension while still having him run in a 2D plain.

At this time, the fan made game is only in beta form and started development in 2009. It was put together by a small community of dedicated Mega Man fans at

Mega Man 2.5D

You can download it now


Mega Man running on a 2D plain in the 3rd dimension.

Traditional 2D Mega Man

3/4 bottom perspective

source: petersjostrand

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