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3DS XL gets an arcade stick


Japanese company, Cyber Gadget is prepping to sell an arcade inspired joystick that’s specifically designed for the Nintendo 3DS XL. This arcade stick is targeted toward handheld Smash fans. From the looks at it, it seems very bulky and it will use the D-Pad. It will feature several grips at the bottom which seems to indicate that it’s designed for flat surfaces like tables and counters.

If images from the internet are to believed and don’t change, the default options for moving your Smash fighter will use the slide pad though it’s realistically possible to image that players will be able to switch it to the D-Pad.


The company plans to release this peripheral roughly the same time Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is released in Japanese. No word on if this product will be coming to North America. The price will also sit at ¥3000, which is about $30 USD.


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