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Mario Kart 8 adds three Mercedes-Benz cars, enhancements and Mercedes Cup tournament on 27th August


Mario Kart 8 Benz

Interesting news popped up about Mario Kart 8, Nintendo has confirmed that Mario Kart 8 will get an update on August 27. This update will contain additional new features and enhancements for the kart racing game. Players will be able to download three free Mercedes-Benz karts:

  • Mercedes-Benz GLA,
  • 300 SL Roadster,
  • Silver Arrow

This is the first time real-world vehicles have been included in the Mario Kart series.

Nintendo and Mercedes-Benz will host an online worldwide tournament between August 27 and September 23. All competitive kart racers applicants will need a obviously need a Wii U console, a copy of Mario Kart 8, a broadband Internet connection and download the Mercedes-Benz karts. Once acquired, you can access the “Mercedes Cup” in the online tournament section of the game.
These karts are based on real-world vehicles.

These karts are based on real-world vehicles.

Here are the other features included in the update:
  • Players will be able to view the course map on the TV screen when racing
  • Statistics such as the number of coins collected, online wins and losses, and most frequently used character will be shown
  • Players will be able to edit other players’ Mario Kart TV highlight reels
  • The “Next Race” option will be the top, default option after finishing a race, instead of “View Highlight Reel”
  • The game will remember the last custom kart combination used, so that players don’t have to select their kart every time they play
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes to make online play a smoother experience


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