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The 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets of No Man’s Sky – A universe worth exploring

The UK indie sci-fi developed game No Man’s Skye by Hello Games and is a timed exclusive on the PlayStation 4.Developer Sean Murray shared his thoughts with the PlayStation Blog community and describes that the “No Man’s Sky is a science-fiction game, set in an infinite procedural universe.

He mentions some of the quite moments of the game such as flying around the universe, landing and discovering four-legged creatures and says touching down the surface of one of the many planets and seeing the scared deer running through the woods, dodging in and out of the trees was jaw dropping for Murray.  These subtle touches in the game really create an organic world worth exploring.

World upon worlds to explore and experience

Worlds upon worlds to explore and experience

Murray explains that “every planet has a single number, a random seed, that defines everything about that planet.” These seeds randomly generate every blade of grass, tree, flower, creature.” Players will also be able to take note of the 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 possible planets they visit and then go back there anytime.

The game uses a procedural technology that uses an algorithmic to help generated content rather than forcing the developer to manually create the content themselves. But the game isn’t dependent on using that itself, each of the systems have rules to help provide it with sparks like “the patterns of spaceship design that we think look great, and different types of creature and the way they vary.

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