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Gamers petition for Robin Williams to be a Pokémon Professor


A new video game related petition on has been created in memory of Robin Williams. It’s goal is to make him a Pokémon Professor.

Much like the World of Warcraft petition, the goal is memorialize him in within the world of Pokémon. Where as the World of Warcraft goal was to have Williams him not only present in the game and preform some kind perform some of the actor’s best jokes, “so that he may continue making us smile long after his passing.” The Pokémon petition goal is to simply have Williams be a professor.

“He was such a huge Pokemon fan and wanted to play Oak if there was a live action Pokemon. We should give him the chance to be a professor. Make a group of 3 professors with bird names instead of trees (sterling, lark, robin) Weather it’s in a new game as a main professor or a branch off assistant professor, this needs to happen!”

At the time of this posting, the Robin Williams Pokémon petition only needs 647 more signatures before it reaches 5,000 its goal. We have a feeling that this won’t the last petition relating to video games and Robin Williams.

You can view the petition here.

His legacy will live on forever!


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